Our offer

We have many years' experience in drawing up a project documentation of all stages - from territorial planning, through feasibility studies, projects for building permission and tender, to realization and actual-state documentation. In addition, we offer expertise, supervision, and cooperation with supplier, commissioning and so on.

Power Engineering
• High voltage power installation (connections, transformer stations /for example/, distributors, power cabling of 6, 22 and 35 kV)
• Standby and emergency power supply /for example/
• Substations and switchgear for low voltage at all levels, including power factor correction, overcurrent protection, short circuit current calculation and design of multistage surge protection
• The cable distributions inside and outside

Internal installation
• Design of lighting installation (the main, emergency, outdoor), including calculations in accordance with relevant IEC standards
• Cooperation in determining the external influences and hazardous areas
• Power distribution for motor drives, building and technology equipments
• Low-voltage wiring (cable routes, telephones, structured cabling, etc.)

Lightning protection and grounding
• Risk management according to the EN 62305-1 to 4, ed. 2
• Design LPS, including the grounding conductor

We also have experience of working abroad
• Projects for investment in foreign countries (Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Algeria)
• On-site explorations and drawing up a projects for moving and adaptation used technologies (from England, Scotland, Finland, Hungary)
• Cooperation in preparing supplies (South Africa, Ecuador, Australia, Bulgaria)