Welcome to the website of our electricity design office

Our design office has been working since 1990, when activity of state enterprise Potravinoprojekta Brno, where we where employed, was terminated. Officially we are independent designers, sole traders; however, we very often cooperate on our projects.

By the time of our existence, we designed electrical installation for hundreds of buildings in individual, public and industrial development, from family houses to big shopping centers or industrial plants, including transforming stations, standby power supply, external mains etc.

We take interest in designing weak and heavy current installation of low and high voltage, and lighting and overvoltage protections. We can compute and design energy-saving or emergency lighting systems or surge risk management in accordance with actual directives.

We cooperate with many designing offices of all specializations, so we are capable of offering you even more complex projects, or give you contact on required specialist.