Our partners

In most cases we cooperate with architects, other designers or sometime electricity suppliers. If you are concerned with final users, you can find them on page "Our projects".

Architect studios and building designers
A TRIO, Ing. Ivan JuránekBrno
Ing. arch. Zdeňka VydrováBrno
Ing. arch. Ivo Ondračkawebsite
Ing. Dan LukašíkBrno
GP Potravinoprojekta Brnowebsite
Atelier A, Brnowebsite
Atelier KRR, Prahawebsite
UAD Studio, Brnowebsite
Alfaprojekt, Olomoucwebsite
DD atelier, Brnowebsite
MOBA studio, Prahawebsite
Ing. arch. Ladislav BartošBrno
P-projektČerná Hora
Ing. arch. Netolička, Ing. Máčalwebsite

Other designers and specialists
Industry Projects, BrnoIndustrial technologies
Fabec, ŠlapaniceFood industrywebsite
Zdena JerouškováWater and gas installationLelekovice
Ing. Antonín ČermákAir conditioningBrno

Manufacturers, suppliers and non-design firms
Elektromont Brnowebsite
Domat Pardubicewebsite
SPX Brno
RTP Brnowebsite
AZ klima, Brnowebsite
Buildsys, Brnowebsite
Air Condition, Brno